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Marketing Plan of Action

Marketing your home for all its worth in the BEST and MOST EFFECTIVE way,
Selling your home quickly for the MOST MONEY possible.

My Objectives Are the Following:

 1. To assist in getting as many qualified buyers as possible into your home until it is sold.

 2. To communicate to you weekly the results of our activities.
 3. To assist you in negotiating the highest dollar value … between you and the buyer.


The following is my Marketing Plan, step by step, each and every thing I do when a list a home:

First week…

Get all the paperwork filled-in and signed by all parties (Multiple Listing Contract, Property Disclosure Statement, Working with a Realtor - brochure).

Go through the home with the checklist and suggest minor cosmetic changes (ONLY IF NEEDED) to ensure top selling price by making your property more aesthetically appealing.

Add additional exposure trough a full video and photo tour of the property (the pictures should be “selling” the best features of the home such as a beautiful front door, a deck, pool, tile floor, great tub in master....), and take measurements.

Install a "House For Sale" sign, readers and directional arrows. Our highly visible and easily recognizable signs let buyers know that your property is for sale. Over 50% of purchasers DISCOVER their new homes after driving by a "For Sale" sign.

MLS Exposure.
Send Data Input Sheet, PDS, Brochure, and MLS contract to the South Okanagan Real Estate Board (SOREB) to get the listing on MLS (Multiple Listing Service) as well as Real Estate weekly publications of all homes for sale.

This is where hundreds of local realtors and their prospective buyers are immediately made aware that your property is for sale. In this way, you reach the majority of qualified buyers who are represented by Realtors.

Order Title Search to the Land Title Office.

Internet Exposure.
Display your property on several real estate portals including mls.ca, realylink.org, MLS Reciprocity, etc. This provides you with exposure to countless prospective buyers and a way to contact us for further information.

Your property will also be featured on my personal websites www.AlinaLovin.com and www.OsoyoosHomes.com, with the description, characteristics and a full photo-tour, a virtual tour, map and mortgage calculator. My Online Marketing System allows me to make information accessible 24-7, and respond immediately and directly to each and every prospective buyer. My website address is advertised on Feature Sheets, MLS and “For Sale” signs.

Create Feature Details Sheet highlighting the features that would appeal to potential buyers. The information on your home and photos help buyers remember your home and its important features. The information promoting your home will be emailed to potential buyers and other area real estate companies.

Fax a copy of the Feature Details Sheet to the top 50 agents in the marketplace for their potential buyers.

Prepare materials for the Agents’ Open. An Agents “Open House" will be held one Thursday morning from 10.00am to 12.00 noon to allow other agents working in the area to immediately view the interior of your property. This will PREVENT unnecessary showings to purchasers whose realtors are familiar with their needs as well as EXPEDITE buyer’s awareness that there is a new property available that suits their needs.

Prepare “Just Listed” flyer for the mail-out campaign (2,500 flyers).

Drop-off “Just Listed” flyers to the Post Office (on Tuesday or Wednesday morning) for Thursday delivery.

Pick-up the Title Search, check for any errors or omissions, and make copies.

Check the MLS system to see if the listing is on the computer system and if everything is correct. Make corrections if necessary.

Enhance the basic MLS listing with a full video and photo tour of the home, so buyers can have a virtual tour of the home on every real estate public website.


Active prospecting, 3 hours a day, talking to 20-30 people per day looking for potential buyers for your home.

There are two ways to get a home sold once it is listed. They are … wait for a buyer to show up, or wait for another agent to bring a buyer to it. Or … I can spend my time trying to find a buyer or promote other agents to bring one to us.
I’ve chosen the second method.

        • So, I start calling neighbours, potential buyers and agents.
        • Contact all purchasers who have viewed MY OTHER LISTINGS over the past few weeks but have not yet purchased - these are the most serious prospects available.
        • Contact all realtors in the area to announce your property being available - these realtors are also aware of the MOST SERIOUS BUYERS looking for a property.
        • Contact all neighbours around the listing, and ask if they know of anyone thinking of moving into the neighbourhood. Usually, they have friends or family interested in the area.

My job doesn’t stop here…

 Provide a worldwide 24-hour Internet information site for buyers and
follow-up with all prospects interested in your property.

Show your property to potential buyers until sold.

Keep you regularly informed, at least once a week and more often as appropriate with feedback from potential buyers and Realtors who have seen your home… to improve saleability.

Assist you in arranging interim financing… if necessary.

Represent you on all offer presentation… to assure you in negotiating the best possible price and terms.

Handle all the follow-up upon a contract being accepted… all mortgage, title and other closing procedures.

Deliver copies of all the needed documents to you, the cooperating broker, mortgage brokers, lawyers or notaries.

Deliver your check at the closing.

Arrange the transfer of the keys to the Buyer or his representative.

And whatever else it takes…

My goal is to sell your home for the most money in the least amount of time with the least inconvenience to you, through diligent, enthusiastic execution of my proven marketing strategies.

If at any time you are not totally satisfied with my performance, you are entitled to cancel our listing agreement at any time
- no questions asked.